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The Liberty movement describes the political movement that sprung to life with the Ron Paul Presidential campaigns in 2008 and grew in 2012. The campaign became the rallying point for many Americans who still strongly believed in the original ideals of the founding fathers, and people who have been unhappy with the directions the country has been taking with never ending wars diminishing personal liberties, fiscal irresponsibility, and unaccountable government. It attracted social liberals, paleo conservatives, libertarians, independents, and many excited by the idea they could be socially liberal, anti-war, and fiscally conservative all at once. The campaign inspired millions of people that became not just silent supporters but activist’s. Men and woman of all ages, race, and religion for whom the concept of liberty was important. Today the Liberty Movement expands as people embrace individual liberty and reject collectivism. The Liberty Movement represents a mass awakening to the value of individual liberty, and the rejection of the use of force by those who would impose their will at the expense of our Individual Liberty.

The Liberty Movement Center studies, unites, and promotes the Liberty Movement. We interview and cover Liberty organization and news. We help to educate the public on the ideas of Liberty and educates Liberty activist on resources and organizations that they can help and that can help them. We try and unite the movement with our coverage of Liberty organizations and our Liberty Directory. We hope to promote the Liberty Movement by encouraging activist and those interested in Liberty to find the organizations you support and join them.

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First learn the basics watch the short video presentations in the right upper corner and below. (bottom of this page if using mobile device)
Then read and watch the short videos on the pages and sub pages The Liberty Movement, First Principles, Liberty Issues, and Take Action. Now that you know the basics, use the Liberty Directory, Liberty TV, more Liberty Radio to learn more in depth Liberty history and thought. Take what you like and leave what you don’t like, don’t worry most in the Liberty Movement don’t agree with each other on many issues. Use Liberty News to learn even more about the liberty movement and Liberty Organizations.


Join as many organizations you agree with as you can they will help you stay informed. Join their Facebook, Youtube Channel, Twitter, and their newsletters. Then support these organization with your donations or purchasing their products.


Share you’re the articles from the organizations you support. Create your own blogs and online groups. Join Liberty Organizations in your area.
In the near future we will be providing assistance in starting your own blog or website and ways to earn money promoting Liberty helping you achieve the financial independence to have time to fight for Liberty so join our newsletter to stay informed.